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Yangzhou Runyuan Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful ancient city of Yangzhou. In line with the trend of scientific and Technological Development and green environmental protection of replacing wood with plastic and steel with plastic, the company takes the lead in mastering the worlds leading new rotational molding yacht technology. The ship system is made of imported high tenacity and high strength anti ultraviolet polyethylene. It is light and strong. Its density is 0.92, which is lower than that of sea water. It is impact resistant, acid and alkali resistant, pollution...

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Painting technology of pedal boat

After the pedal boat has been used for a long time, the color of the surface of the boat will fade, which will affect the appearance of the pedal boat. It is necessary to repaint the surface of the boa...

Basic functions of motor system of electric ship

Speaking of electric boat, we all know it very well. We often find this kind of water entertainment in the park. Today, Runyuan amusement will explain the basic functions of electric boat in detail for...

How to do regular maintenance of pedal boat

The pedal boat in park amusement facilities will be overloaded at the weekend, so as the owner of the pedal boat, the park manager must learn to maintain the pedal boat. Once the pedal boat is not main...

The role of rotational molding technology in the ma

Rotational molding originated in Britain in 1940s, developed greatly in Europe in 1950s, and then spread to the United States, Japan and other places. With the maturity of polyethylene powder technolog...