Painting technology of pedal boat

2021-07-19 10:29 admin
After the pedal boat has been used for a long time, the color of the surface of the boat will fade, which will affect the appearance of the pedal boat. It is necessary to repaint the surface of the boat. What is the construction process? Next, we will introduce you to Runyuan amusement park.
When the pedal boat fades, the color will change in varying degrees. Some areas will be darker and some areas will be lighter. Due to the collision in the previous use, some scratches will be added to the hull. Before repainting, it is necessary to select the appropriate paint, clean the exterior of the ship, remove the wax on the hull surface, and remove the rust on the hull.
Use sandpaper to polish the hull, use putty to smooth the scratches on the surface of the ship, and then spray paint. In order to get the original appearance, the process before spray painting must be exquisite.