Basic functions of motor system of electric ship

2021-07-16 11:22 admin
Speaking of electric boat, we all know it very well. We often find this kind of water entertainment in the park. Today, Runyuan amusement will explain the basic functions of electric boat in detail for you.
1. As we all know, there are many kinds of power systems for electric boats, which are composed of Brushless DC motor and controller, and stepless speed regulation function, which is very convenient and flexible in the process of use.
2. The motor of the electric boat uses the structure without carbon brush, which will not produce sparks. After a long time of use, there is no need to replace the carbon brush, which reduces a lot of working time, improves the working efficiency, has a certain degree of protection ability, and ensures the service life of the electric boat.
3. The load capacity of the electric boat is quite strong, and the low-speed performance is very high. It is very convenient when working, and can meet your requirements.