How to do regular maintenance of pedal boat

2021-07-16 11:22 admin
The pedal boat in park amusement facilities will be overloaded at the weekend, so as the owner of the pedal boat, the park manager must learn to maintain the pedal boat. Once the pedal boat is not maintained in time, the life of the pedal boat will be greatly reduced.
1. New pedal boats must be washed and polished before launching. If the glass fiber surface is exposed to the sun for a long time, it shall be polished at least once a season. If the ship is used all year round, it should be polished every four months.
2. If the ship berths in autumn and winter, it needs to be washed and polished before the cover is put on. The surface of glass fiber needs to be coated with vaseline to prevent surface cracks caused by temperature change; Before launching, thoroughly clean the hull and upper parts, and clean the Vaseline on the surface. To polish the boat, it is better to use coarse sand first and then fine sand. It's polished again every season.
3. Maintenance of pedal boat engine:
① Check the oil level in the engine regularly
② Check the coolant condition regularly
③ Check the fan belt regularly
④ Check the seawater filter every 25 hours when it is in operation
⑤ Check the lubrication of nozzle and steering oil cup. Keep oil, water, gas and body clean. Using lubricating oil with excellent detergency and dispersion performance and using gasoline detergent regularly to clean engine nozzle intake valve and combustion chamber are the primary conditions to extend engine life.