4-5 person Electric boat

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Yangzhou Runyuan Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful ancient city of Yangzhou. In line with the trend of scientific and Technological Development and green environmental protection of replacing wood with plastic and steel with plastic, the company takes the lead in mastering the world's leading new rotational molding yacht technology. The ship system is made of imported high tenacity and high strength anti ultraviolet polyethylene. It is light and strong. Its density is 0.92, which is lower than that of sea water. It is impact resistant, acid and alkali resistant, pollution-free and long service life.

Name Automatic drainage electric boat
Length(CM) 370 Width(CM) 160
Height(CM) 180 Weight(KG) 200
Material quality Glass fibre reinforced plastic Deadweight(KG) 800
Power type Electric Speed(KM/H) 12-15
Crew 4-5 people Purpose Entertainment
Colour Customizable Colour Navigation area Lake
Parts Give 5 life jackets, excluding batteries and chargers